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Netflix inks deal to make hotels much more attractive to binge-watchers

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When it comes to an easy night of relaxation, Netflix has taken the place of traditional TV for plenty of people — but that all falls apart when you’re on the road. Not anymore, however, as Netflix has inked a deal that will put the streaming service in many more hotels.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it had teamed up with hospitality company Enseo to bring the Netflix app to any hotel that the company services. The one other requirement is that Netflix already has to be available in the country in which the hotel is located, but given the company’s expansion this year, that will more than likely be the case in most instances.

“Our partnership with Enseo brings Netflix members a high-quality viewing experience on their hotel room TV,” Netflix director of business development Paul Perryman said in a statement. “Through our expanded agreement, now more hotels in more countries will be able to provide guests access to their favorite Netflix TV shows and movies on the in-room television, making their hotel room feel more like home.”

This won’t be some watered-down experience, nor will the customer have to pay for in-room internet or any other extra service. Guests will be able to sign in with their own Netflix credentials and use the service just as they would at home. When the guest checks out of the hotel, they will automatically be logged out and the credentials will be erased.

Enseo began offering Netflix to select hotels beginning in 2014, making it the first company to do so. Last year, Enseo and Netflix worked together to bring the streaming service to Marriot hotels, though Enseo wasn’t named specifically at the time.

“We are thrilled and honored that Netflix has chosen Enseo as their partner to offer Netflix on the in-room television for guests around the globe,” Vanessa Ogle, Enseo co-founder, chairman, and CEO, said. “It is a tremendous amount of trust. Enseo will ensure that the television itself behaves, the remote and on-screen menu are easy to navigate, and the network operates at the highest standards at each Enseo property, giving Netflix members the great streaming content and viewing experience they have come to expect. Our owners are thrilled as they have been demanding our solution for more of their properties.”

There is currently no word exactly which hotels will be included as part of the new deal, nor when the rollout will begin. Since Netflix and Enseo already have a working relationship, we should begin to see the results of the deal fairly soon.

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