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Netflix testing a ‘tweet me a reminder’ feature

Netflix streaming
Content arrives on (and disappears from) Netflix on a regular basis, but keeping track of what’s new and fresh could be about to get much easier: Netflix is trialling a new system where users get a Twitter update whenever a new episode, movie or series is available for streaming. In other words, keep an eye on your Twitter stream and you can know as soon as possible when a new episode of your favorite show goes live.

Marco Polo Twitter

Hat tip to Twitter user @RichBTIG who was the first to spot the new feature alongside a promotional tweet for the new Marco Polo show. View the post on a mobile app or on the Web and a large “Tweet Me a Reminder” button appears; once you click through, you’ll be automatically notified when the next episodes of the program are available.

So exactly what do you get? “The reminder will come in as an @Reply from the @MarcoPoloMP Twitter account, directed at each user who has opted in, as soon as the episodes are available at 12:01AM Pacific time on December 12, and will include a custom video message from the cast,” Netflix told The Next Web in a statement. It looks like bonus content will be part of the deal as well as that handy reminder feature.

We don’t know exactly how Netflix is going to use the new feature or how widespread it might become — for now it’s only showing up alongside the Marco Polo Twitter account — but it seems useful enough to be something that might be rolled out further. Twitter is obviously in on the act too, providing Netflix with the necessary back-end code to set it up within the timeline.

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