New Atlantic Technology Systemline

Using technology originally developed in Europe by QED Audio Products Ltd, Atlantic Technology has optimized Systemline for the North American market. The resulting system will greatly simplify theinstallation and integration of high quality multi-room distributed audio.

The new system is comprised of a central hub to which the main source unit is connected, pairs of active/passive ceiling-mounted loudspeakers, and an elegant, cylindrical remote control. The speakers themselves use 6-1/2-inch polypropylene drivers with 1-inch pivoting soft-dome tweeters for smooth, wide-range response. The active speaker uses a two-channel digital amplifier to drive itself and its passive companion unit. The speakers connect to the hub with CAT-5 wiring, allowing full system power and fidelity to be maintained even over very long cabling runs, without the output loss and signal degradation common to conventional home-run-type installed systems.

System flexibility and user convenience are further optimized by the ability to connect a local source in remote rooms. This means that listeners in any room can select between the program from the main source or their local source–such as an MP3 player or their computer’s audio output– by simply making their choice with the system’s hand-held remote or the wall-mounted keypad. Atlantic’s stylish wall keypad replicates all the controls found on the remote unit, as well as controlling and displaying the system’s volume, bass and treble settings. The system also includes wall-mounted modules for remote IR control of the main system and line-level connections for the local source.

Multiple pairs of Systemline speakers can be used in a large space with fully synchronized volume to evenly cover a big room with sound. In addition, an active speaker can also be configured for mono reproduction, presenting two full channels of information from a single speaker. This is the perfect solution for areas like a master bathroom or walk-in closet, where high-quality sound in a minimum of space is required.

“Atlantic Technology’s Systemline components combine the thorough research and design of QED Audio with our own engineering efforts to optimize Systemline for North American use, and to incorporate our award-winning speaker technology,” said Oscar Ciornei, President and CEO of Atlantic Technology. “This system is cost effective, simple to install, and requires no programming. By utilizing active loudspeaker designs, we are able to deliver performance that is superior in many ways to conventional passive designs, with custom-matched drivers and amplification circuitry for improved dynamics, efficiency, and lower overall distortion. This design is a perfect fit for custom installers, providing simple installation, with consistent and predictable high performance results in any home.”

Systemline by Atlantic Technology products are expected to be available in November.

A “typical” six-zone system (a central hub, its power supply, powered speakers for six zones, two wall-mounted keypads, and four hand-held remotes) is expected to retail in the low $4000 range.

Since it was founded in 1989, Atlantic Technology has become one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and electronic components for home theater and custom installers. With the addition of its new Systemline products, Atlantic Technology moves to the forefront in the field of distributed whole house audio and video.

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