New Company Offers Cable-Burn-In Services

The company offers a cable-burn-in service for new or used cables of any type and length. Founder George Saubon “ventured into this business due to the fact that audio cables were the most debatedand misunderstood high-end component.” Saubon goes on: “A lengthy break-in period is one of the drawbacks to most interconnects and speaker cables; I can now offer a service that will allow people toexperience the full potential of their cables without sacrificing their resources or their time. You leave the break-in to us, and we leave you with cables that produce pure, exceptional sound.”

The Cable Burner company charges different rates for new and used cables, which are burned in for 72 and 48 hours respectively. Burn-in of any type of new cables in one- or two-meter lengths costs $30 USD per pair, with three- or four-meter lengths costing $38. Burn-in for one- or two-meter pairs of used cables costs $20, with three- or four-meter pairs costing $28. Contact The Cable Burner Company for a quote on burning in longer lengths. Standard turn-around time is five days; customers pay for shipping both ways. Until the end of May, The Cable Burner Company is running an introductory special: burn-in of new one- or two-meter cables for $24.95.

For more information, visit The Cable Burner Company’s website.

Sound a little silly? You be the judge.