New Diva Utopia Beryllium Speakers

Focal-JMlab has been continuously developing the Utopia Be range since the introduction of the Grande Utopia Be reference model in September 2002. Versions launched to date have included the Nova and Alto floor standing models, the Micro stand mount and the Centre Utopia Be.

The new Diva speaker has been designed to fill the gap between the Alto and Micro models. The design goal was to produce a model with a similar small footprint and the sound characteristics of the Micro models and to create a model with a similar small footprint and the sound characteristics of the Micro Utopia Be while adding deep and dynamic bass.

The Diva shares the same technical specification as the Micro model, using the same Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and 165mm “W” cone incorporating “Power Flower” technology. However, in order to extend bass performance, the Diva includes a passive bass radiator section, integrated into the column and producing a very low frequency output (180Hz) relative to the cabinet size.

The use of a large diameter front mounted subwoofer was considered but ruled out by the desire to create a slim-line product.

The Diva Utopia Be has two 21cm W woofers (8.267 inches) on either side of the column, with and active surface approximately equivalent to a 30 cm woofer (11.811).

The two woofers also work in parallel to further increase bass output, but thanks to their mounting at the bottom of the column the performance of the 165mm “Power Flower” W mid-range cone is unaffected. The Diva’s design also critically positions the mid-range driver at an optimum distance from the floor, further protecting mid-range performance.

The Diva Utopia Be benefits from the exclusive technologies that first appeared on Grande Utopia Be reference model, by adapting the sophisticated technologies of Utopia Be range to a compact and elegant cabinet.

The Diva Utopia Be will be available in January 2004, following CES and will retail for $11,500.

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