New DVD recorders by Philips

The range – the DVDR70, DVDR75, DVDR77 and DVDR80 separates and the LX9000R system – are all based on the DVD+RW format. As a result, recordings will always keep their original quality, no matter how often they are played, and once recorded, they can be easily shared with family and friends time and time again. Furthermore, the high compatibility of DVD+RW means that recordings can be played back on almost any DVD player or PC with a DVD drive.

The LX9000R is the world’s first integrated home entertainment system that can record and playback DVD. In a stylish and convenient single unit, the LX9000R meets the wish of many consumers for a high-performance, home entertainment system that perfectly matches the design of modern interior decor. All users need to do to enjoy the latest in AV Home Entertainment is connect the LX9000R to their TV set.

In addition to the high quality video, the LX9000R includes a range of innovations to deliver superb sound. The LX9000R enhances a 5.1 surround speaker package with 450 W total power and the latest in audio sound reproduction. Sleek, slender and acoustically designed, Philips Twin SubsTM  provide the ultimate bass performance solution, adding depth and realism to your movie and audio experience. It is an innovative loudspeaker concept with two subwoofers integrated in speaker’s columns.

The LX9000R also includes a Cinema Center Speaker with five multi-directional speaker drives. These speakers are positioned such that the sound comes from the right direction with the right depth. Precisely positioned at different angles, these five speakers provide a “through the screen” sound experience.

Philips’ unique Clear Voiceâ„¢ DSP technology enhances clear movie voice reproduction without compromising sound dynamics. Together with Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG multi-channel decoding and 3D sound, the high-performance speakers ensure accurate, well-defined soundscapes and special effects. The LX9000R’s modern lines, high-quality metal finish and uncluttered front panel will appeal to users who appreciate good looks as well as functionality.

The latest addition to the Philips DVD Recorder line-up is the new DVDR77 with a very slim design that’s only 65 mm in height. This model allows a full 8 hours of recording time on a single DVD disc with superb picture and sound reproduction that makes it the heart of a high-end home cinema system. On top of that it offers sophisticated imaging functions that let consumers do much more with their digital photos

Easy-to-use digital image-transfer features allow consumers to record all their favorite moments from digital photos or camcorder recordings in durable, high-quality form on DVD discs. The DVDR77’s Media Slot accepts memory cards from almost all digital cameras, allowing easy transfer of digital photos to DVD.

Uniquely, the DVDR77 can convert JPEG pictures from digital photo cameras into DVD-compatible slide shows that can be played on virtually all DVD players and DVD drives in PC thanks to the high compatibility of the DVD+RW technology, so consumers have all the freedom they could wish for in viewing and sharing both their video recordings and digital photo albums. The DVDR77 also has a standard i.LINK interface for high-quality digital camcorder connection, allowing video to be transferred directly onto DVD discs.

It’s easy to keep track of recordings on the DVDR77 thanks to Disc Manager, which allow every recording to be found almost instantly. Disc Manager also shows the space available on a disc for recording, eliminating time-consuming manual searching.

Top-of-the-line in the new Philips DVD Recorders range is the DVDR80, in a slim design with a height of 76mm. The DVDR80 offers outstanding convenience, which means making a timed recording on DVD is as easy as pressing a button. This model has the GUIDE Plus+ on-screen TV guide, plus Disc Manager which makes it easy for consumers to record TV programs or finding specific recordings very quickly. The DVDR80 also allows up to 8 hours uninterrupted recording on a single DVD disc.

It includes an i.LINK connection for direct, high-quality transfer of images from consumers’ digital camcorders to DVD discs. The unique Sat Mouse allows the DVD recorder to automatically control a satellite receiver, making unattended recordings easy. All these features and more make the DVDR80 a high-end DVD Recorder that provides a total home cinema experience without the usual complexity.

The new DVDR75 and DVDR70 DVD Recorders offer an affordable and full-featured way for consumers to create their own DVDs. Both these models have all the functions needed to act as the heart of a high-quality home cinema system, with outstanding recording and reproduction of both digital picture and sound on DVD discs. They also give the same assurance of compatibility with virtually all DVD-Video players and DVD PC drives. 

Both these models offer superb digital picture quality, plus two-channel Dolby Digital recording for sound quality that is significantly superior to any analog video recorder. They offer digital 5.1 surround sound output from prerecorded DVD-Video discs to create a realistic surround sound experience. The DVDR75 has all the same features as the DVDR70 plus the valuable extra of i.LINK for direct connection of a digital camcorder.

The new Philips DVD recorder range is now being introduced throughout Europe. Your local Philips office can supply details of local availability.

Pricing for the range is as follows:

DVDR70: EUR. 549
DVDR75: EUR. 599
DVDR77: EUR. 749
DVDR80: EUR. 799
LX9000R: EUR. 1299