New Gryphon CD player

It also features four two-channel AKM Delta-Sigma digital-to-analog converters in a dual-differential topology with separate regulated power supplies, which “ensures expanded dynamic range witha noise floor well below that of any recording, analog or digital.” The Mikado represents the third generation of Gryphon’s asynchronous-sample-rate-conversion technology first introduced in theGryphon CDP-1 and further refined in the Gryphon Adagio.

Regarding the Mikado, Gryphon founder Flemming E. Rasmussen said, “CD is still a maturing technology with more than 20 years of development. We knew that by focusing on making CD all that it can be, we could offer a listening experience comparable to the high-rez formats, yet compatible with the CD collections in which music lovers have already made heavy investments.”

The Gryphon Mikado sells for $11,000 USD. For more information on Gryphon’s entire line of audio electronics, visit the company’s website.

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