New Klipsch wireless speaker Rocks the outdoors

Getting good-sounding music outdoors can be a hassle. Quality outdoor speakers are spendy, and can be an eyesore. Most outdoor  speakers that are designed to blend in rarely sound good, and usually require speaker wire to be run underground. Speaker docks for iPods and iPhones aren’t a good option in high-heat situations, and you don’t won’t those things anywhere near your pool or klipsch wireless speaker rocks the outdoors lightspeaker rock front

Klipsch may have just the solution. Today, the company announced a wireless outdoor speaker that will integrate with its LightSpeaker wireless audio system to deliver high quality sound from a heat-resistant, waterproof enclosure that’s been stealthily designed to look like a garden rock.

Fortunately, this isn’t just another “rock” speaker. The AudioRock from Klipsch uses a powerful Lithium-Ion battery pack that will deliver up to eight hours of continuous music and recharges in about four hours on a separate charging stand. The AudioRock packs a beefy 5.25-inch mid-bass speaker and a pair of 0.75-inch tweeters that are aimed up at an angle to provide solid sound from the ground.  The AudioRock get’s its signal from the 2.4Ghz band, so it may be slightly limited by “line of sight” issues, but if your cordless phone works outdoors, so should the AudioRock.

new klipsch wireless speaker rocks the outdoors lightspeaker rock panel2

Since the AudioRock is part of the LightSpeaker system, it is capable of playing from a second source. So, if you want the ability to dig some smooth jazz indoors and hip-hop outdoors, the AudioRock may be a good solution.

The AudioRock is available now for $199.00 MSRP from many popular retailers.