NimbleTV streams paid TV anywhere, no hardware required

nimbletv streams paid tv anywhere no hardware required nimbleIf you’ve ever wondered why you couldn’t just sign into one account and be able to access all of your television subscriptions online, here’s some good news: A new start-up has been created to answer that very need, describing itself as “a game changing new subscription-based TV platform.” It’s name? NimbleTV.

Unlike Netflix or similar companies, NimbleTV isn’t positioning itself as a replacement to cable or satellite offerings, but instead an additional service that makes that content available anywhere — not just at your cable box. “NimbleTV is based on the simplest idea: customers should be able to access the TV they pay for wherever they happen to be,” explained CEO Anand Subramanian, adding that “the groundbreaking technology behind our service makes ‘TV everywhere’ a reality – with more options, high-quality viewing on any device, watchable from anywhere.” 

NimbleTV plans to offer pay TV packages direct to consumers online, available at cost with an additional fee for services estimated at around $20 per month; all payments will go through NimbleTV. Unlike a Slingbox, no additional hardware will be required to access any of the subscription content, nor to use the “virtual DVR” that will allow users to record thousands of hours of content. “Our model is predicated on the belief that providers and content producers should be paid. NimbleTV is a solution that’s both consumer friendly and industry friendly,” says Subramanian.

Starting next week, the service will run a beta test in New York City with 26 networks, before officially launching at a later date, with content being available internationally on any device to subscribers.