This little device will fix your computer’s crappy sound quality

nuforce unveils its latest evolution in portable dacs the udac 3 side edit

NuForce announced the release today of its 3rd generation USB digital audio converter (DAC), the uDAC-3. The aptly named device packs a discrete USB receiver, a digital converter, and a “high performance” headphone amp, all wrapped into a slim, travel-ready metal casing that serves as a one-stop shop for audiophiles looking to improve the paltry output of their PC, laptop, or tablet.

The uDAC-3 is a powerful little refresh to the uDAC series. Its wealth of new features allow it to play with just about any standard PC or laptop, including Mac OS and Windows 7 or 8, as well as Direct Stream Digital compatibility. The device also employs NuForce’s Driverless Asynchronous Mode, which means it requires no clock syncing – just plug and play.

Specs for the uDAC-3 include full 96kHz/24 bit digital file resolution and below, two levels of digital jitter reduction, direct coupling, RCA output, digital Coaxial output, and a headphone output with 80mW of power per side, at 16 ohms. The system is USB powered and compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0, though we can’t help but wish it had a 3.0 update as well.

NuForce boasts that its latest generation device offers improved circuitry and conversion software for a “more detailed, transparent, and wider soundstage,” all of which are key elements we enjoyed from the previous model, the uDAC-2. For those who want premium sound at home, or on the go, NuForce’s uDAC series is a convenient and succinct way to take things up a notch, and we’re excited to hear what the latest evolution can do.

The uDAC-3 will be offered in black, red, and silver, and priced at $125. It will be available September 30th.