NYNE unveils four new ‘lifestyle-inspired’ speakers for CES 2014

NYNE, a name that is starting to pick up traction in the Bluetooth speaker segment, has just unveiled a sneak peak at four highly affordable new speakers for its CES product lineup, complete with suggested lifestyle implementation in the titles. Dig in below to find out if these new portable sound machines might fit in with your daily routine.

NYNE Bass — “The Outdoor Performer”

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Set on twin teardrop pedestals, the Bass is the biggest and most powerful of NYNE’s new family, pushing a relatively brawny 20 watts of power to help it blast sound outdoors. The speaker also packs a respectable selection of features including Bluetooth 4.0, NFC pairing, a 3.5mm Aux input, an onboard speakerphone, a USB charger for  mobile devices, and an estimated 10 hours of battery-powered play time.

NYNE TT — “The Travel Companion”NYNE TT edit 3

The TT could easily be mistaken for a small purse – or a “European handbag,” for the fellas. The TT’s shoulder strap makes it ideal for jamming tunes on the go, making it an inviting addition to your next round of disc golf, or a stroll across a college campus. The speaker’s feature set is nearly identical to the Bass, with the exception of a smaller 16 watt amplifier and, we assume, a smaller driver set as well.

NYNE Cruiser editNYNE Cruiser — “The Sports Buddy”

We’re not sure about the “sports buddy” suggestion in the title, but if you like to jam out while you ride, the Cruiser could be the speaker you’ve been looking for. The compact unit comes with handlebar clips to secure it to your ride, and it includes the same array of features as its brethren above, aside from another step down in power, pushing 10 watts for its smaller driver configuration.

NYNE Mini — “The Anywhere Accessory”NYNE Mini edit

The baby of the family, the Mini is built for convenience first, and, at $50, it also begs the smallest price of the collection. For that, you’ll have to forgo Bluetooth 4.0 for the older 2.1 protocol. Still, the speaker’s cost puts it at the low end of the Bluetooth spectrum, and it does provide a speakerphone and a 3.5mm Aux input. If the device’s 5 watts of power can muster up some decent audio, it could be an enticing choice in the entry-level segment. The Mini will also be available in 5 different color combos.

While specific pricing hasn’t been announced, NYNE’s new collection tops out at $150, which makes all of the new speakers extremely competitive in the wireless speaker marketplace. We’ll try and catch up with NYNE’s new lineup on the floor at CES 2014 to see if these affordable new devices can deliver. The speakers will be available sometime in the first quarter of the year.

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