NYNE NH-6500 doubles down as home audio speaker and guitar amplifier

nyne nh 6500 home audio speaker doubles as guitar amplifierYou’ve seen them … those guys who travel everywhere with their guitars. The type of travelers who think a guitar case is valid carry-on luggage despite measuring larger than any laptop bag on the planet. Everyone knows at least one of those guys; the sort that can break out their beloved instrument and be the life of the party – or at least think they are.

Those are the kind of people who would love NYNE’s NH-6500 home audio speaker, a device which can transform into a guitar amplifier (via controller sold separately). With just a simple attachment, the NH-6500 affords those guys the opportunity to show off the skills that rival Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, or Eddie Van Halen – and they can do it all in a tiny studio apartment. Paying the rent as a struggling musician waiting for that big break does put a dent in the home A/V budget, after all.

Fortunately for those rock star wannabes, the NH-6500 also features a universal dock that doubles as a charger for an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so they can also stream music wirelessly from most compatible devices. Additional specs include a 3.5mm stereo-aux input, USB and SD card ports (with support up to 8GB) and a CD player – all good options to ensure a play of that demo material through the system. There is even an AM/FM radio just in case the big time is actually realized, and it comes complete with a fully functioning alarm clock. But, seriously, do rock stars ever need to get up early?

In any case, for the interested parties, the NYNE NH-6500 is available for guitar gods and groupies alike for approximately $900. Hefty tag, so you better start saving up that gig money.