NYNE SMC-1000 media center is pure genius

nyne smc 1000 media center smartNYME is betting that the smart money at the 2013 International CES next month will be about all things connected, and it has announced that it will officially introduce the NYNE SMC-1000, the first in a series of “smart media center” products to hit the market.

What makes this “smart” is the fact that it is “Device Agnostic”, so instead of having to be tied to a single manufacturer for all future products (hello Apple) this will offer the ability to connect wired and wirelessly with any mobile device. The concept with this is to be inclusive of all smartphones on the market, now and in the future, and the SMC-1000 is aimed to be a complete “media center” that is truly the heart and soul of the entertainment system.

To this end the SMC-1000 will reportedly offer connectivity with wireless Bluetooth and Apple Airplay, and wired connectivity with HDMI, digital audio input, USB, 3.5mm input, and optical and coaxial connections, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC). It will also include a TV stand with hidden compartments to store game consoles, Blu-ray and other set top boxes, and pack a 400 watt RMS amplifier under the hood.

If the machines take over in the future, they won’t do so via The Terminator’s Skynet, because the SMC-1000 will have beat them to the punch.