Objekt Ora Kickstarter project frames your iPad with eight speakers

objekt ora

iPads are visually impressive, beautifully interactive personal media devices, but, let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly known for stellar audio. Objekt, a co-venture comprised of design consultancy firm Industry, and project engineering outfit Shift, aims to remedy that by wreathing your iPad with an octet of speakers and injecting it with some much needed punch. Today, the partnership launched a Kickstarter venture, hoping to raise $450,000 for the aptly-named Ora. Its title is a clever play on words, as it surrounds your pad with an audio life force of sorts.

Unfortunately, original iPad users are out of luck here, but the product is compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad 3. Just click your iPad into the Ora and twist a few quarter-turn fasteners. The Ora docks via Apple’s 30-pin connector and sports a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which is meant to mirror the iPad’s battery by chugging for 10 hours on a single charge. The speaker also features a screen cover that flips around and serves a stand. We’re a little light on specs at the moment, but Ora’s press materials claim it can output 16 watts peak. That should be plenty for a small personal device such as this. 

Despite a lack of details, we t think this is an intriguing product. It offers an obvious step up from iPad audio (5x louder if you believe the hype), yet remains low-profile enough that it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetic of the iPad it’s meant to upgrade. And, as a bonus, it isn’t too expensive. Starting today, a $99 pledge on Kickstarter will secure you an Ora. You can check out a video on the Ora here