Onkyo DS-A5 AirPlay dock a step forward for backward compatibility

onkyo ds a5 airplay dock dsa5 iphone 72Today, Onkyo  announced the release of the DS-A5 docking station, designed to fit iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The device is meant to bridge the gap between generations of tech by offering compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay on on older A/V receivers that previously hadn’t  supported the service. 

Designed as an add-on, the Onkyo DS-A5 allows owners of any A/V receiver with a optical digital input – even those without USB ports or ethernet connections – to wirelessly stream content from their iOS device to their A/V equipment. The product onkyo ds a5 airplay dock dsa5 ipad 300comes Wi-Fi certified and features an ethernet port in case you’d like to connect it directly to your home network. The device can also stream from personal computers that are equipped with iTunes.

When a device is docked, you can use a use the digital audio output to shoot signals straight to the receiver’s DAC, or – if you’d like to keep it old-school – you use the provided analog audio output.

The DS-A5 docking station is also compatible with non-Onkyo hi-fi and AV systems. The company is using the products as a way to extend the life of older models that seemed on the verge of obsolescence. A/V equipment can be a major purchase and it’s refreshing to see company’s bucking the recent trend and finding creative ways to offer backward compatibility.

Onkyo’s DS-A5 will be available this October at a suggested retail price of $200.

onkyo ds a5 airplay dock  rear