Outlaw debuts 7×100 watts amplifier

The Outlaw Audio Model 7100 is a high-quality component that delivers all the amplification necessary to compliment today’s latest 6.1 and 7.1 channel surround processors, such as the Outlaw Audio950.

Designed and built in the United States, the Model 7100 uses the highest quality parts and a modular configuration. Each channel has four discrete output devices and 20,000 microfarads of total filter capacitance. The unit’s high current power supply is driven by a 1.2 kVA toroidal transformer with two separate windings for each channel, ensuring enough current for even the most demanding transients and special effects.

Individual heatsinks provide cooling for each amplifier module, eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans. In addition, the amplifier is protected against high heat and over-current conditions by separate Opti-coupled protection circuits for each channel. Low-voltage trigger inputs are provided to integrate with products that include this feature, such as Outlaw’s Model 950 preamplifier/processor or Model 1050 6.1-channel receiver.

The Outlaw Model 7100 power amplifier is available solely through the Outlaw’s Hideout at www.outlawaudio.com at a cost of $899. Special “Outlaw Family” pricing is available for owners of other Outlaw electronics, or when purchased as a package with the Model 950.