Panasonic Debuts New PT-AE500 Projector

The new home cinema projector incorporates innovative advances such as high-definition wide-screen LCD panels, integrated cinema quality circuitry, full 10-bit digital processing and gamma correction, and new smooth screen technology.  Many of these advances are the result of research and development at the company’s facilities, including the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in Hollywood, California, where top Hollywood studio colorists participated in the development process to ensure a remarkable level of color fidelity.  The PT-AE500 will be available Dec 2003 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $2499.95.
The secret behind the incredibly sharp, detailed picture of the PT-AE500 is a high-definition (1,280 x 720 pixels) wide-screen LCD panel.  Its three layer RGB structure realizes an effective total of approximately 2.76 million pixels. That translates into a beautiful picture with extremely clear detail and fidelity when reproducing high-quality video source material such as high-definition digital terrestrial or satellite broadcasts.  A new optical system developed specifically for high-definition LCD panels delivers 850 lumens of brightness and realizes a contrast ratio of 1,300:1.

“The PT-AE500 is an exceptional value, a high-definition projector that can produce a 100-inch diagonal 16:9 wide screen image from a relatively short distance of about 10 feet,” said Ed Wolff, Vice President of Panasonic’s Display Group. “Our newly developed unified high picture circuit, known as Cinema Works, is a technology derived from high-end professional projectors.  The performance and picture quality this technology provides allows consumers to achieve a movie theater atmosphere right in their living rooms.”

In addition to the advanced picture circuitry, the PT-AE500 features a new, quiet fan that uses twin blades to lower operating noise while reducing light leakage. The fan operates at only 27dB*. The projector is equipped with HDCP compatible DVI inputs that directly accept digital signals from DVD and other digital sources. Component video input terminals allow the user to enjoy the full quality of images from progressive scan DVD players, while the PC IN terminal can be used to connect video game machines and PCs. The PT-AE500 also includes composite video and S-Video connections. A trigger terminal is also fitted, so opening and closing the screen may be simply achieved by powering the projector on and off.

Other Features:

Vertical and horizontal keystone correction to compensate for image distortion.

Smooth Screen technology reduces the “screen door effect” – the black lines between pixels that mar the images produced by conventional LCD home cinema projectors.

2058 picture quality settings that adjust contrast, brightness and gamma levels across six picture modes.
Projector AI system that automatically adjusts the lamp brightness to the optimum level to match the characteristics of the picture in real time.

Progressive scan 3/2 pulldown automatically detects when the input signal comes from filmed material and selects the optimum progressive processing method to assure faithful reproduction of the original image.

Dimensions: 11”W x  3 11/32 H” x 10 9/16”D—Weight: 6.4 pounds.