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Panasonic is adding aptX-enabled Bluetooth for CD-quality wireless streaming from its TVs

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Those looking to connect wireless audio devices to their TV without sacrificing sound quality need to take a good look at Panasonic. That’s because the company recently made a deal with CSR for use of its aptX audio codec, — which makes good Bluetooth devices sound even better — adding the system to four models of its Viera TVs in varying sizes (six units in total). Panasonic claims it is one of the first brands to bring aptX on board.

You may have heard of aptX before. CSR has been around for awhile now, and claims over 250 brands now utilize the technology to make their Bluetooth devices sizzle with better sound quality. The system works by replicating the transmitted audio’s full frequency spectrum after its bit rate has been compressed for Bluetooth transmission, allowing for CD-quality audio resolution.

While that may not be all that helpful for that bankroll of low-resolution MP3s on your phone – iPhones and iPads aren’t even compatible with aptX – it could make a big difference when it comes to getting the most out of the wireless audio being piped out of your TV. For those who like to catch a late night movie with Bluetooth headphones, or just connect a sound bar without congesting their TV stand with extra wires, aptX could mean the difference between detailed, full sound reproduction, and a paltry wireless feed.

Samsung and LG include Bluetooth with many of their TVs, but the systems are proprietary, and only work within their own device families. However, Panasonic’s Bluetooth transmission is free to transmit to the entire Bluetooth ecosystem, and those Bluetooth devices with aptX capability will sound just that much better. .

“Consumers want to enjoy a rich wireless audio listening experience wherever they are and whatever device they’re listening through. Brands are recognizing this, which is why aptX continues to be integrated into new types of devices,”  says Anthony Murray, Senior VP, Business Group at CSR.

Look for aptX to be widely adopted by Panasonic’s Viera TV lineup in the near future. The company is hoping the addition of the technology – and widespread Bluetooth functionality – will give it one more weapon in the war for TV supremacy. And with Samsung and LG leading the pack right now, Panasonic needs all the help it can get.

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