Panasonic Viera’s 3D HDTVs coming in April

Electronics giant Panasonic has announced pricing and availability for its 2011 line of Viera LED-backlit LCD TV models, including two 3D HDTVs that will be available in April and a series of flat panels that will land between by May. All the units feature Internet connectivity, whether in the form of a fully-features package that includes things like Gameloft and access to sports sites, or a bare-bones IPTV service bundling together a handful of popular services.

panasonic vieras 3d hdtvs coming in april tc l37dt30

First up, the 2011 Viera 3D LCD HDTV lineup will have two models, the 37-inch TC-L37T30 and the 32-inching TC-L32T30. Both units feature an IPS Alpha panel for rapid response (240 Hz refresh) and wide viewing angles, and the full package of Internet capabilities (wired or Wi-Fi), including Netflix, Amazon VOD, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Napster, Pandora, Facebook, and Gameloft, as well as sports sites like MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS. The units also sport four HDMI connections, three USB ports, an SD card slot, DLNA compatibility, PC input, and Panasonic’s Viera link for hooking together Panasonic peripherals. Expect to see them in April, with the 37-inch model carrying a suggested price of $1,299.95 and the 32-incher going for $1,199.95.

Folks not looking to jump into 3D, Panasonic’s new E3 series will include 42-, 37-, and 32-inch sets with an IPS LED panel (60 Hz refresh rate), four HDMI connections, two USB ports, and DLNA compatibility. The E3-series will feature “Easy IPTV” which connects to just six services—Netflix, CinemaNow, Amazon, Napster, Pandora, and—you can relax now—Facebook. The E3 series should be available this month, with the 32-incher going for a suggested retail price of $699.95, the 37-inch model going for $799.95, and the 42-incher coming in at $949.95.

panasonic vieras 3d hdtvs coming in april tc l37e3

Stepping up a bit, Panasonic’s E30 series are similar to the E3s, but offer 120 MHz refresh rates with the TC-L42E30 42-inch version featuring a clear panel to enhance contrast and reduce reflections from other light sources. (There’s also a 720p 19-inch model.) Another 42-incher, the TC-L42D30, features a flush glass design and the full quota of Panasonic’s Viera Connect IPTV capabilities. Some of the E30s are available now; the top-of-the-line 42-incher will land in April at a suggested price of $1149.95, while the 19-incher will land in May for $249.95.


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