Panasonic’s 2013 Plasma TV line up

Panasonic’s new plasma lineup is back — bigger and better than ever before. The company introduced five Smart Viera Plasma plasma TVs.

We expect quite a bit from Panasonic’s TC-PZT60 series given the company’s past accomplishments. The top-of-the-line, flagship series will be available in both 60- and 65-inch models, fully equipped with a plethora of enhancements that make it a notable standout among the competition. The new Studio Master Panel and the direct attachment of the front glass to the plasma panel will help reduce dim and eliminate any gaps and double images. The TVs also feature newly developed red phosphor to deliver a wider colour gamut, increased FFD, and come THX-certified in both 2D and 3D modes.

The TC-VT60 series feature a wider variety of screen sizes, but is on the lower end when compared with the ZT60. The mid-range series will be available in 55-, 60-, and 65-inch models, but lack some of the more advanced features of the ZT60 such as the Studio Master Panel and the newly developed red phosphor. Panasonic did mention the TVs are THX-certified and will feature better resolution in some aspects than their previous models.

Panasonic’s TC-ST60 series is the least expensive of the 3D-capable plasma lineup, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks quality. It will be available in 50-, 55-, 60-, and 65-inch models and features an Infinite Black Pro Panel with 2500 FFD. The TC-X60 resembles Panasonic’s previous TC-X5 series and will be available in 42- and 50-inches.

Aside from the hardware enhancements, Panasonic also demonstrated a few features including Voice Control, a new customizable homescreen, a Touch Pen and a few other tools that will be available on select plasma models. No word on pricing or availability yet.

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