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Nobody puts baby in the corner! Paradigm’s latest sub deserves to dance in the spotlight

Some would argue subwoofers are best heard and not seen because, let’s face it, boring black boxes rarely qualify as haute decor. But for Paradigm’s latest Prestige Series additions, the 1000 SW and 2000 SW, that rule simply does not apply. With several beautiful finish options, gleaming machined stainless steel hardware, and a mean-looking driver that just begs you to stare, Paradigm delivers a sub that deserves to bask in the glow of a spotlight in your home theater … literally.

Update by Caleb Denison on 7.27.15 to reflect the fact that the metallic fixtures on the sub are machined stainless steel rather than machined aluminum as originally reported. 

Achieving a uniform high-gloss lacquer finish is a painstaking process, including plenty of hands-on labor. Try to cut corners or skimp, and you’re liable to get a finish that looks streaky, or dimpled like an orange peel. The Presitige Series subwoofer’s gorgeous furniture-grade finishes, however, are evidence that Paradigm isn’t in the business of messing around when it comes to delivering a luxurious-looking product. The midnight cherry finish featured in our video above, for example, is a great example of how a subtle change in lighting and presentation can create an entirely different look for a listening room.

Once you get past the 1000SW’s eye-catching exterior, your attention turns to the subwoofers features and function. Included with this subwoofer is Paradigm’s outstanding Perfect Bass Kit, comprising a microphone, microphone stand, and software that measures the subwoofers response in your room, and makes the necessary corrections to achieve the most evenly-balanced sound possible. A simple button on the front of the sub allows users to instantly turn the correction on and off, giving them a convincing A/B demonstration of its abilities.

Another clever feature included is a “sweep” function, which runs a test pattern that starts at 120Hz and slides down slowly from there so that you can listen for buzzing or shaking objects, isolate them, and deal with them to make for a cleaner listening environment. We had a ton of fun using this feature, which, to nobody’s surprise, revealed that drop ceilings make a mess of noise when low frequencies get to rumbling.

The 1000SW seen here is a powerful, punchy, and musical sub, with as much finesse as muscle, and as much class as sass. In terms of performance, we’d put it right in line with SVS’ incredible SB-13 Ultra, though if we had to take a pick between the two, we’d side with the Paradigm sub based on looks alone.

The 1000SW starts at $3,000 (depending on finish) and can only be found at authorized Paradigm dealers.