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Paradigm’s Millenia LP 2 and XL speakers are as sexy as your flat-screen TV

Paradigm has dropped a gorgeous new pair of ultra-thin speakers. The wall-mountable Millenia LP 2 and its larger sibling, the Millenia XL, are designed to snuggle up nicely with that big ole’ lonely flat-panel in your living room and take over audio duties.

Paradigm explains that both the LP 2 and XL, which are a mere 1.75 inches wide in profile, were crafted to incorporate the predictable effects a wall has on a speaker’s frequency responses. The company also claims that the towering devices’ ultra-thin enclosures were optimized to take full advantage of the maximum wall area, which translates to a complete elimination of the irritating, buzzy vibrations – even at maximum output – that often accompany wall-mounted speakers. The speakers are designed for two-channel and multi-channel configurations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Each speaker in the line-up ships with a mounting bracket and accompanying instructions, as well as a tabletop stand. Paradigm recommends using the LP 2 or XL as surround, center, or rear speakers along with one of the company’s Reference subwoofers.

The five-driver LP 2 contains one ferro-fluid damped/cooled high-frequency driver, two midrange-frequency drivers, and two passive radiators. The seven-driver XL has all the same bells and whistles, but its two extra passive radiators are what make it the bigger sibling out of the two.

Both speakers have a claimed frequency response of 120 Hz – 21 kHz.

The LP 2 is available now through select dealers at a price-point of $500. The XL’s going rate is $700.

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