Parasound debuts C 1002 in-wall subwoofer

The Parasound C 1002 has 10-inch woofer utilizing dual 8 ohm voice-coils rated for 200 watts per channel power handling. The high-efficiency drive motor coupled with a rigid, low-profile cone made of coated non-press cellulose provides a 4 dB higher sensitivity than its predecessor. This increase in sensitivity represents more than double the sound pressure level for the same amplifier power output. With the internal volume of a typical wall cavity, the C 1002 will deliver clean accurate bass response to below 30 Hz.

The C 1002 uses a heavy-duty metal bracket that provides for rigid attachment to the wall to prevent induced vibrations, and to provide a tight seal to prevent air leaks. It includes a versatile cutout mounting template, paint shield, and a mesh screen to protect the back of the driver from in-wall debris.

Whereas the previous model PAL-1002’s retail was $400, the Parasound C 1002 in-wall subwoofer a suggested retail price of $250; it is available to ship now.

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