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Pendulumic’s steampunk-inspired headphones get all post-Victorian on your ears

The brand new startup Pendulumic isn’t your traditional maker of audio gear. Instead of the usual “this product will look like you traveled to the future and back to get it” stuff, this company looks to culture for its inspiration.

For its flagship $200 S1 Stance wireless headphones, Pendulumic says it was influenced by “steampunk subculture and clockwork movements,” according to the product pages; and for the slightly less powerful, $130 M1 Motion, inspired by the “mystery of dark noir,” Pendulumic describes: “Deep tones and dark chrome highlights create a stealthy air of mystique around the M1 Motion, but there’s nothing subtle about its superior audio performance, making it perfect for the budding audiophile.”

Despite the $70 difference in price-points, the S1 and M1 are fairly similar. They each use Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless capability and use the aptX codec for clean playback with very little sacrifice of quality. Standard on both are 1.5-inch neodymium drivers and 2.75-inch-diameter ear cups for maximum coverage. Both the S1 and M1 weigh less than half a pound — surprisingly low considering their design and materials: aluminum-steel alloy, high-quality bonded leather, a steel headband and a braided cable.

Pendulumic claims that each pair also is free of any complicated “pairing mode” setup, making it easy to get your device connected from up to 50 feet away. An analog-style dial on one of the ear covers is the control for volume and calls: rotate for volume and press for answer/end call functions. Both sets are USB-charged.

The differences between the two are so minute that the M1 would appear to be the smarter purchase. Perhaps the most important difference is the S1’s 20-plus hours of wireless playback — and its external AAA battery backup — as opposed to the M1’s 15-hour life. The M1 also has five equalizer modes that, according to the product page, allow you to “immerse yourself in ‘live-concert’ vibes.”

If you want one or both of these pairs, head over to Pendulumic’s online shop to place an order. According to the company’s website, both models are available to ship anywhere in the world after purchasing via PayPal.

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