Pictures: Sony, LG, and Samsung show off new TV technology at CES

Plasma and LCD may still rule the local big box stores, but new options are on the way, and CES 2012 offered a glimpse of what’s to come. Samsung and LG both had their new OLED models on the CES show floor that drew plenty of gawkers. While we only had a brief look at each, we must say that both sets were very impressive in terms of overall picture quality and design. Black levels were outstanding for both sets, and may even put the best-rated plasmas to shame. Sony didn’t reveal much about a possible OLED set, only stating that the technology is still being developed. However, the company did unveil a new display technology called Crystal LED. It’s the industry’s first 55-inch self-emitting display that uses LEDs as the light source. To our eyes, the display didn’t stack up to the LG or Samsung OLED in picture quality or set design. Check out the pictures to decide for yourself.