Pioneer Pro series plasmas come alive

These two new high-definition plasmas offer complete television solutions including the Pure Drive technology for a complete digital signal path. Pioneer proprietary technologies including PureDrive, advanced continuous emission display technology II, pure color filter II and advanced PureCinema all contribute to an image that has increased brightness and contrast and is the first with thecapability to display more than one billion colors.

Consumers are flocking to large screen plasma televisions because of their exceptional image quality and for the sex appeal of their slim design. As a result of the surge in the market demand, Pioneer has increased its manufacturing capacity to 150,000 units annually with plans to open two additional manufacturing lines for a total capacity of 500,000 units annually by 2005.

“With the rapid expansion of high definition content across the cable, satellite and broadcast spectrum, Pioneer believes it’s critical to maintain absolute premium quality by continually enhancing our technology. These televisions offer best-in-class XGA image quality setting the reference standard for plasma image reproduction,” said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

The PRO-1110HD and PRO-910HD plasma televisions are both true native XGA displays. These high-definition televisions have a native resolution of 768p and are 16:9 wide screen. Their screens are perfectly flat, flicker free and have no horizontal or vertical viewing limitations. Pioneer has also upped the ante by providing an industry first natural resize screen mode, digitally enhancing content that is 4:3 in nature, giving images less jagged edges and a more refined look.

Pioneer Elite plasma televisions come complete with a stand-alone media receiver that has an ATSC tuner built in. The media receiver is compatible with high-definition terrestrial broadcast transmissions as well as NTSC broadcasts. The media receiver also allows the consumer to input an array of sources including satellite, cable, DVD, VCR, and computer signals up to wide XGA. The media receiver is digitally linked to the panel for optimal performance. It also offers HDMI connectivity. A table-top stand and color matched side mounted three-way speakers are also included in the package.

The PRO-1110HD and PRO-910HD plasma monitors will be available this fall.