Pioneer Showcases High-Def Digital Library

From Pioneer’s press release:

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., a leader in home entertainment technology, previews its redesigned DigitaLibrary home networking technology at this week’s National Cable and Telecommunications National Show.  In keeping with the show’s theme, the next new thing, Pioneer will demonstrate the next new thing in home entertainment, which for the first time allows consumers to stream high definition television content to any room in the home.  DigitaLibrary forms the foundation of a modular open systems framework that will enable next-generation technologies such as uni-directional and bi-directional OpenCable, CableHome home networking, advanced TV commerce and audience participation, advanced telecommunication services, and home automation. 

Open standards are the driver behind the new DigitaLibrary technology, the centerpiece of Pioneer’s home networking product and software strategy. DigitaLibrary technology leverages open standards (UPnP) for robust interoperability not only between multimedia devices but any kind of device supporting these open standards. By adding high definition DVR, DVD-R, audio and image capability to the mix, Pioneer is taking networked entertainment to a new level. 

Consumers want easy access to their music, movies, TV, home movies and photos throughout their home. Pioneer developed a technology that enables consumers to experience a truly connected home with a wide variety of electronics products that can be either wired or wireless based on user preference.  The end result is great flexibility in creating a multi-room, multi-source environment that delivers and shares high definition content on a network that is simple, reliable, and secure, and that offers the best quality audio and video available.

Pioneer will demonstrate multi-vendor interoperability at the show, by allowing streaming audio to a thin UPnP based audio room station from Digital Home Technologies. Placing these thin clients throughout various rooms in the house will allow consumers access to their audio files anywhere within the home.

 Pioneer partnered with WUF Networks of Redwood City, California, to showcase a solution that allows consumers easy access to their content.  Through this solution, they can view pictures and enjoy music stored in Pioneer’s DigitaLibrary on their mobile phones or any java-enabled device.

WUF Networks, Inc. builds software solutions that simplify the control and access of digital content–music, photos, and video–among networked devices, including consumer electronics, mobile phones, PDAs and personal computers.  WUF Networks introduces the concept of Personal Networking, in which consumers can access all of their multimedia content from any device, whenever and wherever they are.  WUF Networks is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.  For more information, visit

Pioneer Demonstrates DigitaLibrary at National Show

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