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Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC wireless headphones will cure your noisy office woes

Voyager 6200 UC Black Side
Plantronics has launched a new pair of wireless noise-canceling earphones, the Voyager 6200 UC, designed to help keep you productive and distraction-free.

Plantronics built the Voyager 6200 UC with professionals in mind, especially those working in loud office environments. The headphones’ marquee feature is noise cancellation, and they sport both the active and passive varieties.

“We continue to hear that noise and distraction are the number one pain points for office professionals,” said Gavin Sear, global product marketing at Plantronics, in the official Voyager 6200 UC press release. “The best way to get people to embrace technology that can help them communicate and collaborate better is by offering choices that speak to their individual work style as well as their lifestyle, whether they’re in or out of the office. Voyager 6200 UC delivers this versatility with business-grade audio to a new group of users that find existing headset and headphone offerings too limiting.”

While the Voyager 6200 UC keeps unwanted sound out, its also designed to keep to sound you do want to hear in, and at the best possible quality. You’ll be able to wirelessly connect to up to two devices simultaneously thanks to Bluetooth 4.1, and can store up to eight individual devices pairings. Wideband audio ensure hi-fi quality playback, and Android users will be able to utilize Aptx for low latency delivery. For phone calls, the Voyager 6200 UC has four omnidirectional mics that can pick up sound from every direction.

In terms of battery life, the headphones will last up to 16 hours of while listening to music, or nine hours of call time.

The Voyager 6200 UC also include some smart, adaptive features.

First is a smart mute notification. Users can mute their end of the call with a simple, dedicated mute button. Should you forget that you’ve muted yourself and begin talking, however, you will hear an in-ear notification letting you know that you currently can’t be heard.

Next is the ability for the Voyager 6200 UCs to auto-swap from stereo to mono mix when you take out an earbud, that way you won’t miss any of the music or voice call. Finally, the neck band will emit a discreet vibration when receiving an incoming call.

The Voyager 6200 UC is also compatible with Plantronics Manager Pro. This software, which is available on a subscription basis, designed for managing multiple workers in the same office using Plantronics headphones and headsets. The software gives IT managers feedback, including usage time and acoustic analysis, and the ability to update the firmware of all connected Plantronics devices.

The Voyager 6200 UC are available for $300, and include a BT600 USB adapter, a desktop charging stand, and travel case.

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