PlayStation Network Tunes into NBC Universal Movies and TV

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Sony and NBC Universal have inked a deal that makes selected Universal movies and NBC television programming available on the PlayStation Network for download to PS3s and PSPs. Currently limited to users in the United States, the initial offering includqes about 1,300 movies and about 4,500 television episodes.

For currently airing television shows—like 30 Rock,Battlestar Galactica,The Office, and Heroes—new episodes will be available the day after their air in both standard definition and HD formats. Movies available via the service include potty-humor favorites like Role Models and The 40-Year Old Virgin, along with higher-brow potty humor like The Big Lebowski. Prices for episodes and movies vary by title and format, with rentals seeming to land between $3 and $6 and purchases from $10 to $14, with high-definition offerings carrying higher price tags.

Sony’s PlayStation Network has about 20 million registered users worldwide, about 9 million of whom are in the United States and (thus) able to access the new television and movie offerings.