Polycom’s teleconferencing tools aim to provide a more inclusive conversation

polycoms new portfolio polycom

Videoconferencing Vendor Polycom recently unveiled a new line of software and hardware with the goal of expediting the technology’s growth and bringing it to consumers en masse. According to ZDNet, the new tech facilitates the process of connecting to Polycom’s infrastructure from avenues outside the corporate firewall. Its also expected to mitigate connectivity issues, making it easier for users to participate in remote meetings.

Polycom’s new CloudAXIS suite is part of the new line, and reportedly offers enterprise-grade video collaboration to video applications such as Skype and Google Talk. The suite allows users to easily include outside contacts in a conference, as they can simply drag and drop them from an external database into their Polycom-powered conference. Additionally, Polycom is touting its Open Scaleable Video Coding (SVC) standard update, which supposedly improves bandwidth management and features a revamped user experience, via several interface enhancements.

Three new models of Multi-party Control Units (MCU’s) are also coming out, each aimed at accommodating a different class of users. All support SVC (Scalable Video Coding) and 1080p/60 resolution.

A well-respected player in the industry, Polycom says that this is the biggest product launch in its history. The company is marketing the line as a means for businesses to improve communication and cut costs. As of yet, no pricing details have emerged.