Pyle aims to bring back the glory of the 80’s by putting 1000 watts on your shoulder.

pyle audio gets nostalgic 1000 watt reactor core esque street blaster streetblaster edit

The newly announced Street Blaster from Pyle Audio is for those of us who look back upon the 1980s with dreamy reminiscence instead of a disgusted grimace. Though it’s more angular and nuclear reactor core-ish than its true ’80s ghetto blaster brethren, this device is decidedly descended from the fabled boombox.

Though Pyle is light on the details — the size of the drivers, specifically — the Street Blaster, on paper, appears to be a solid portable, wireless audio source. The boombox has four hours of playback per charge (via USB), and you can power it via a wall outlet with the included power adapter should that charge run dry (users can track remaining power with included battery indicator). You’ll also be able to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth- NFC pairing is available for compatible devices. If you lack a wireless device, you’ll still be able to connect via the 3.5mm input jack. Finally, the Blaster also boasts microphone and guitar inputs, though we doubt a band will really want to play “anytime, anywhere” with it, as Pyle suggests in its press release.

The Street Blaster may have 1,000 watts crammed into it, and while that doesn’t mean it necessarily sounds great, we can trust that Pyle will have made it loud. 

Pyle has a wide variety of products that range from nostalgia-inducing to future-reaching. Within the past year or so, we’ve covered a handful of the company’s other devices: the retro-styled PTR8UR turntable, the not-so-audiophile-quality PHBT5 headphones, and the quantity-over-quality PSBV200BT sound bar.

The Street Blaster is available now for roughly $250 via Pyle’s website and at Amazon.