Regal Upgrades Theater Video and Audio

Delivering high quality multi-channel audio playback from hard disks with pristine reproduction of audio over countless screenings, the XD10 Cinema Media Player represents the latest cinema technology from DTS. Since audio is stored externally and not on the film print, there is no degradation of quality regardless of how many times a film is presented. In addition to audio playback, the XD10 also offers high definition video playback, used to deliver digital pre-show, captions and subtitles along with surround audio.

The XD10P Cinema Audio Processor is the newest offering from DTS and compliments the XD10 Media Player by allowing audio to remain in the digital domain throughout the processing stage as it is delivered to a theatre’s audio system. The XD10P can be programmed with user-friendly software that provides memory of all preset functions including EQ and gain settings.

A key factor in Regal’s purchase decision was the unique ability of the XD10 to integrate with Regal’s existing projectors that they currently use for pre-show content. Once installed, the systems will provide audio playback for film presentations while also incorporating DTS Cinema Subtitling System (CSS) technology to support open captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Some of the Regal screens will be equipped immediately with the playback units, with the remaining to be equipped throughout the remainder of 2005.