ReplayTV Changes Price Of 5500 Series DVR

Beginning immediately, consumers will be able to purchase ReplayTV 5500 Series DVRs at the following prices: $149.99 for the 40-hour Model RTV5504; $299.99 for the 80-hour RTV5508; $449.99 for the160-hour RTV5516; and $799.99 for the new 320-hour RTV5532. With each model, consumers will have the choice of either purchasing the ReplayTV Service for a $12.95 monthly fee, or choosing lifetimeservice bundled with the product for a single, onetime payment of $299. ReplayTV 5500 Series customers who have already purchased 3-year subscriptions to the ReplayTV Service under the previouspricing model will have their services automatically extended for the lifetime of the product at no additional charge.

ReplayTV President Bernie Sepaniak commented on the company’s pricing move, noting: “ReplayTV has always been committed to providing our customers with superior quality premium DVRs, offering the most powerful feature sets, highest recording capacity, as well as the industry’s best overall value. With our new pricing model, we’re making a ReplayTV DVR purchase even more attractive for consumers, providing unprecedented value, while allowing them to choose between either purchasing the lifetime service upfront or on a monthly subscription basis.”

ReplayTV 5500 Series: The Premium DVR Choice

The ReplayTV 5500 Series is the industry’s broadest range of premium full-featured DVRs, offering a host of unique image-enhancing features including progressive scan and digital audio outputs,as well as superior recording features like One-Touch Record; First Run, the ability to only record first-run programs and skip repeats; and theme-based recording. Additionally, ReplayTV 5500 SeriesDVRs provide built-in networking capability, which allows for instantaneous connectivity to other units in the home network – with no additional fees or adapters. And because it’s broadband-ready,users can choose either to connect to the ReplayTV Service through their high-speed broadband Internet connection or simply plug in their regular phone line and connect using ReplayTV’s built-in V.90analog modem.

ReplayTV’s Industry-Leading JumpItâ„¢ Feature Set with Show|Navâ„¢

ReplayTV 5500 Series DVRs offer industry-leading features that put unprecedented control options in the hands of TV viewers and deliver a new level of intelligent control. These features includethe advanced JumpIt™ set of viewer control functions, including Show|Nav™, QuickSkip®, Instant Replay, and Jump Anywhere™. Major benefits of each feature are as follows:

  • Show|Nav lets ReplayTV DVR users navigate programs by segment, making it more intuitive and easier than ever before to quickly find and view precisely the scenes they want to enjoy. Users can jump to any segment of a recorded program quickly, instead of hunting for it using fast-forward as with other DVR brands;
  • QuickSkip lets viewers instantly advance 30 seconds ahead while watching any recorded program;
  • Instant Replay lets viewers jump back to review the last seven seconds (great for catching that missed snippet of dialogue);
  • Jump Anywhere lets viewers jump forward or back by any number of minutes in a recorded program. Users can just enter the number of minutes they want to jump, press QuickSkip or Instant Replay – and they’ll be precisely where they want to be.