ReplayTV offers new viewer control feature

ReplayTV continues to innovate its premium-quality Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with the addition of Show|Nav, a powerful new viewer control feature. Show|Nav joins QuickSkip, Instant Replay, andJump Anywhere in ReplayTV’s industry-leading JumpItâ„¢ set of viewer control features.

Show|Nav lets ReplayTV DVR users navigate programs by segment, making it more intuitive and easier than ever before to quickly find and view precisely the scenes they want to enjoy.

With Show|Nav viewers can:

  • Jump to any segment of a recorded program quickly, instead of hunting for it using fast-forward as with other DVR brands;
  • Navigate quickly through their favorite news magazine TV show, arriving at any segment with just a few button clicks;
  • Quickly restart scenes missed due to phone calls, snack breaks or other interruptions – a simple button press takes viewers right back to the beginning of the scene;
  • View only the important fourth quarter of a football game by “jumping” right to it!

Jim Hollingsworth, president of ReplayTV, pointed out: “ReplayTV is committed to leading the industry with the most technologically advanced and most powerful DVRs on the planet. With the addition of Show|Nav to our JumpIt feature set, our DVRs put unprecedented control options in the hands of TV viewers and deliver a new level of intelligent control, enhancing the overall viewing experience in ways that were never before possible.”

The Show|Nav feature will begin to be automatically downloaded to ReplayTV 5000 and 5500 Series DVRs via the ReplayTV Service in October 2003.

Only ReplayTV Has The JumpIt Feature Set!

The three other major features in ReplayTV’s JumpIt viewer control feature set include:

  • QuickSkip, which lets viewers instantly advance 30 seconds ahead while watching any recorded program;
  • Instant Replay, which lets viewers jump back to review the last seven seconds (great for catching that missed snippet of dialogue);
  • Jump Anywhere, which lets viewers jump forward or back by any number minutes in a recorded program. Fall asleep during the last portion of the movie? Just enter the number of minutes you wish to jump back and press Instant Replay. Want to go forward? Enter the number of minutes and press QuickSkip – you’ll be precisely where you want to be.

In addition to the JumpIt viewer control features, ReplayTV 5500 Series DVRs lead the industry with unique features including progressive scan and digital audio outputs; superior recording features, such as One-Touch Record; First Run, the ability to only record first-run programs and skip repeats; and theme-based recording.

ReplayTV: The Simplest Personal TV Solution, and the Best Value
There are several reasons why ReplayTV DVRs offer the simplest solution for enjoying all the benefits of advanced personal television, and the best overall value. First of all, ReplayTV DVRs comewith the ReplayTV Service fully activated at the time of purchase; no additional set-up call, credit card exchange, or activation process is required. After the initial three-years of includedReplayTV Service, you can extend it indefinitely for just 99c per month. By comparison, competitive DVRs charge a $12.95 monthly or $299 lifetime service fee and require payment upon activation.Consumers who choose the competitor’s $12.95 monthly plan will spend 33% more than those who own a ReplayTV DVR over a three-year period, and more than double (112%) the cost of a ReplayTV DVR over asix-year period*. Adding even more value, ReplayTV DVRs include built-in broadband connectivity and ready-to-use home networking features for no extra charge. Competitive DVRs charge for thesefeatures, as well as requiring the purchase of additional accessories.

The ReplayTV 5500 Series is comprised of four high-performance DVRs, ranging in digital recording capacities from the 40-hour Model RTV5504 to the 320-hour Model RTV5532, the most powerful, highest-capacity DVR in the industry. The ReplayTV 5500 Series DVRs are currently available at the following suggested retail prices:

Model # Hard Disk Capacity Suggested Retail Price
RTV5504 40 hours $499.99
RTV5508 80 hours $599.99
RTV5516 160 hours $849.99
RTV5532 320 hours $1199.99

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