ReplayTV, Tivo PVR Price Battle Heats Up

ReplayTV announced on Friday a new rebate program for its 5500 series Digital Video Recorders, countering Tivo’s recen’t 10 percent discount and rebate offers.

From now through September 30th, 2004, purchasers of all new ReplayTV DVRs will be entitled to receive the following rebates: $50 for the 40-hour Model RTV5504 (SRP: $149.99); $100 for the 80-hour RTV5508 (SRP: $299.99); $100 for the 160-hour RTV5516 (SRP: $449.99); and $200 for the 320-hour RTV5532 (SRP: $799.99). With each model, consumers have the choice of either purchasing the ReplayTV Service for a $12.95 monthly fee, or choosing service for the lifetime of the product for a single, onetime payment of $299.

Tivo is offering its Series 2 units for as low as $129 for the 40-hour model after a 10% discount and $50 rebate. After rebate, Tivo’s 80-hour model is $219 and its 140-hour model comes out to $349.

Both companies are not only facing competition from each other, but also from cable TV operators who offer their own digital video recorder solutions.