ReQuest Multimedia Launches Firmware v1.9.2

ReQuest’s new firmware features automatic Internet AlbumArt Loookup, Play While Encoding, New Screen Saver Options, Enhanced Feedback for control systems such as Crestron and AMX, and a databasecontaining over 1,000,000 albums. Also, included are updates for JavaRemote 4.5 Windows and Macintosh Remote Software, ARQPocket 2.0 PocketPC software, and Crestron modules and panel designs.

Automatic Internet AlbumArt Lookup is one of the many advanced features in Firmware v1.9.2. An AudioReQuest can now automatically look up Album Art when properly configured to connect to theInternet. Simply drop a CD into the encoding tray and the internet-enabled AudioReQuest music server simultaneously looks up both the text information and corresponding cover art for the album. Thenew JavaRemote 4.5 and ARQPocket 2.0 both display AlbumArt over IP.

Play While Encoding is another advancement included in Firmware v1.9.2. As the CD is being encoded, the user can continue to play selected music. Customers can now encode music to their collection asthey listen to other songs already encoded to their collection. Additionally, the New Screen Saver options give customers the ability to use Album Art as Screen Savers or they can upload digitalpictures for a customized slide-show while listening to music.

Steve Vasquez, Co-Founder of ReQuest Multimedia, says,