For Bob Marley’s son Rohan, growing green means a sustainable turntable

One of the best parts of CES is not just all the awesome products unleashed, but also all of the cool people who make them possible, and show them to the world. For sustainable electronics brand House of Marley, it was Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley introducing us to the company’s new Stir It Up turntable.

Like all of House of Marley’s products, the new turntable is made from a wide array of sustainable materials, including biodegradable and recycled materials made from old plastics. The idea is to send a message about making electronics that not only look great, but also keep the earth a little cleaner. We spoke with Marley, who just returned from India, about his company’s latest gear on the CES showroom floor last week.

“It’s always interesting to see how we’re able to, with craftsmanship … to bring these cool sustainable materials, cool metals into the House of Marley, and keeping that sustainable movement as well,” said Marley.

Marley showed off some of the coolest features of the new turntable, which includes the bamboo cabinet, as well as House of Marley’s “Rewind” fabric, which is made from reclaimed hemp and organic cotton, combined with the fibers of recycled water bottles (rPET), and finished using water-based dyes. The turntable also employs new silicon rubber for the top platter (also made from select recycled materials), as well as an aluminum tone arm, and a built-in pre-amp for easy connection to House of Marley speakers.

Other new House of Marley products from CES include the Mini Chant Bluetooth speaker, as well as the Mini Get Together, a pint-sized version of the company’s best-selling product, the full-sized Get Together Bluetooth speaker.

Marley showed plenty of his natural charisma and enthusiasm for the latest products, which not only use materials that are easier on the planet, but also look pretty gorgeous doing it.

“It looks good!” Marley said. “I don’t understand why others don’t utilize it … We’re just happy that we have a great team, and the craftsmanship is great.”

House of Marley’s new Stir It Up turntable is expected to be available in the later part of 2016. For more on the company’s wide range of sustainable products that look good, and sound pretty good too, check out the company’s website.

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