Roku Offers Update For SoundBridge Player

Roku SoundBridge is the sleek network music player that lets consumers listen to digital music in any room of their homes. The new software for Roku SoundBridge adds support for Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 and Windows Media Player 10. While showing off the advantages of new digital entertainment technologies, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates gave the audience a demonstration of Roku SoundBridge. He showed those in the Shrine Auditorium how to stream music from a PC using Windows Media Connect, the new networking software that lets PCs and other consumer electronic devices seamlessly interact with one another.

Roku SoundBridge can now play any song in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, including protected WMA content from music services like Napster, MSN Music, Musicmatch and Wal-Mart. Roku SoundBridge will also be part of the PlaysForSure logo program, which gives consumers an easy way to identify devices and services verified to work together.

“With the increasing popularity of online music and video services, Windows Media Connect overcomes a key hurdle for consumers by making protected content that is purchased or rented via a subscription service available to any connected device in the home,” said Jonathan Usher, director of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft. “Roku’s support of Windows Media Connect and PlaysForSure allows consumers to easily identify services that will work with SoundBridge, ensuring enjoyment of all digital music stored on Windows-based PCs throughout the home.”

“Roku SoundBridge is truly the best device for streaming music from a computer to a stereo or powered speakers, since it can automatically play all WMA music files, including protected WMA content from a host of online music services,” said Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “And with its sleek design, bright display and remote control, it’s a great addition to any kitchen or living room.”

Roku SoundBridge integrates easily into any home computer network, either through Wi-Fi or a wired network so that customers can listen to music from their computers, on dedicated speakers or through any stereo system. Roku SoundBridge can access playlists from both Windows and Mac-based computers, and supports the most digital music of any network music players, by streaming music in WMA, MP3, AAC, AIFF and WAV formats. Roku SoundBridge has a bright vacuum florescent display (VFD) and a remote control so consumers can browse and select music by song, artist, album, genre or composer from across the room.

Pricing and Availability

Roku SoundBridge comes in two models. Roku SoundBridge M1000 is 10 inches wide x 2.37 inches in diameter and sells for $249.99 with Wi-Fi, and $199.99 without Wi-Fi. Roku SoundBridge M2000 is 17 inches wide x 2.75 inches in diameter and sells for $499.99. Consumers can purchase Roku SoundBridge and accessories, including a mounting kit at Roku SoundBridge is in consumer electronics retail stores nationwide.