Roku updates iOS app, now streams video to TV

roku updates ios app now streams video over to tv update streaming

Roku has updated its iOS app to version 2.3, allowing users to now stream video they have stored on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly to their TVs as an answer to Apple’s AirPlay feature that works with the Apple TV.

The new video feature will work on the Roku 3, Roku 2 (XS and XD), Roku HD, Roku LT and the Roku Streaming Stick, and is supported on multiple generations of all three iOS devices. The Android app hasn’t received the update yet, so streaming is still limited to music and photos.

The update is part of the “Play on Roku” feature that was first introduced last fall, which opened up the option to stream music and photos from an iOS or Android phone or tablet to the TV via a Roku box.

Videos stored on an iOS device can be streamed directly through a Roku box, but there are limitations to note. First, shows and movies purchased from iTunes won’t be accessible, and second, video from third-party apps like YouTube won’t work, which is unfortunate because there is still no dedicated channel for the popular video site on Roku’s interface.

The app has already received a number of updates from its original inception as a dedicated remote control for Roku boxes. It now includes easier channel navigation, text input, gesture controls and more.

There’s no word on when the video streaming feature will be rolled out to Android devices.