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MyMedia app upgrade gives Roku users a taste of Chromecast power

roku users get chromecast like ability with mymedia interface
MediaMall, the company behind the popular PlayOn streaming software that lets set-top box and game consoles access online video feeds, announced today that it has released an updated version of its MyMedia PC software that allows users to cast personal and online HD video content directly from PC to TV through the MyMedia Roku channel. Users will be able to cast personal content, in HD, for free, but have the option to upgrade for $5 to add webcasting functionality. With the upgrade, Roku owners get a little piece of Chromecast functionality.

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To get the upgrade, first you’ll need to download MyMedia to your PC, available for free via PlayOn’s website. You’ll then need to get the channel set up on your Roku device by downloading it directly from the Roku Channel store. From there you’ll need to cough up the required $5 to initiate the upgrade from within the Roku channel itself. Once that’s all  done, you’ll be able to take any video you encounter online and use the MyMedia PC software to cast it to the big screen.

In addition to the newly integrated casting capabilities, users can also stream media to their TVs easily with their Roku set-top box or Streaming Stick, and today’s new upgrade also includes new access to free support for streaming in HD.

Folks with iOS and Android devices can already play stored media through their Roku devices by using a free Roku app. However, casting online media to a Roku box or streaming stick from a mobile device remains an elusive feature. For that, you’ll probably want a Chromecast.

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