Samsung ups its 4K Ultra HD bid to 85-inches, confirms CES unveiling

samsung 75 inch led es9000 tv video un75es9000  1The battle for television supremacy rages on between Samsung and LG. At this past Monday’s CES Unveiled event, Samsung was reportedly the recipient of the Innovations Award thanks to its 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. That’s cool and all, but our reaction was two-fold. First: What’s with Samsung quite literally one-upping its competition? Second: Wait, Samsung has an 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV? Looks like news of the award let the cougar out of the bag. 

Now — most likely because the media was going to figure it out anyway — Samsung has confirmed it will indeed be showing off its award-winning 4K Ultra HD TV at the CES 2013 trade show in Las Vegas this January. 

Why we’ve been seeing all 84-inch offerings up to this point is anybody’s guess, since the average living room is unlikely to accommodate such a product. But if it was our guess, we’d wager that Sammy’s Korean competitor, LG, is providing Ultra HD panels to a few other manufacturers. LG has been reluctant to confirm or deny that kind of speculation, but that just makes us more suspicious. Regardless, it seems Samsung’s attempt to out-size its domestic rival – while more for show than anything else – does provide further affirmation that it has been going through a pugnacious streak as of late.

It also seems that Samsung’s effort to up the ante resonated with CES officials. The two Best of Innovation Awards it netted for its 85-incher came on a night where Samsung received more than its share of laurels, accruing 27 different awards in sum total.

What does this mean for everyone else left in competition? We can only wait and see if other manufacturers will add an inch or two to their Ultra HD TV offerings. There are currently no word on the release date or pricing for Samsung’s newest giant, but stay tuned.