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Amazon is selling this 65-inch QLED TV for under $1,000 today

A Samsung 65-inch QLED 4K smart TV sets in a living room.

Now’s the time to get Samsung’s 65-inch Q70A QLED 4K TV for under a thousand dollars. The Samsung Q70A, which usually costs $1,400, is part of a special, limited-time offering that has slashed the price by nearly a third, down to $948. We haven’t covered a sale for more than $400 dollars off for this ultra-high-definition TV in the past, so you likely won’t see a deal this good for quite some time. The best part? Unlike some of our Samsung TV deals, this sale is directly from Amazon, so you can enjoy free shipping and any Amazon Prime perks you have alongside the deal.

Why you should buy the Samsung Q70A QLED 4K TV

The Samsung Q70A QLED is for the TV viewer looking to have a slice of the future in their home. It’s got an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate with UHD definition, which makes it good for just about any purpose. You’ll also get all of the advantages of a QLED, which are better than OLED TVs when you have limited control of your room’s lighting. In other words, the Samsung Q70A is the perfect all-around living room TV.

But, there’s more to Samsung’s Q70A than what initially meets the eye. What gives it the futuristic edge over other QLED TV deals are smart features like built-in Alexa control, which allows for remote-less channel changing. The same is true for Samsung’s Bixby and Google’s voice assistant. Additionally, you’ll be able to connect to the SmartThings digital ecosystem. Perhaps the coolest smart feature is the quality upscaling that automatically turns lower-quality images into 4K. It all works due to a combination of the Samsung Q70A’s quantum processor and a bit of machine learning — very future!

Remember how we called this a “slice” of the future? In size and shape the Samsung Q70A’s frame is just that. Affectionately referred to by Samsung as “AirSlim”, it is only 1-inch thick, which you won’t find in many 65-inch TV deals. If you scroll up for a second and look at this slice of fun resting on its 11.4 by 13.5-inch platform and feel a little nervous, you don’t need to but we also can’t blame you. Luckily, now’s your chance to upgrade to a mount (just click “TV w/ Wall Mount”) and add Amazon’s expert wall mounting (only $150) and still get the whole package for less than the original price. Don’t let small fears deter you from a great TV!

So, once again, that’s a 32% discount from $1,399 down to $948. This is a limited-time deal exclusively on Amazon, so we can’t say when it’ll be over, but only that the time to act on the deal is now.

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