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Samsung’s 85-inch The Frame TV is over $1,500 off today

The 50-inch Samsung Frame TV hangs on a living room wall displaying art.

We’re in a golden age of television in more ways than one. Prestige TV shows are getting as good, and as expensive to make, as big budget blockbusters. TV technology is also exploding, with new tech like QLED, OLED and QNED upping the game. One very unique TV option from Samsung is The Frame, a TV that’s designed to look like a piece of art when you’re not using it.

If you’ve had your eye on the unique The Frame TV from Samsung, now is a great time to buy it. The massive, 85-inch model is currently on sale for $2,749 at Walmart, a nice $750 discount off its usual price of $3,499. It’s worth noting that this model of The Frame, the 85-inch LS03B, is normally $4,300 when you buy it straight from Samsung, so this is a discount stacked on top of a discount. The TV deals just keep stacking up. Grab it soon — it could jump all the way back to its original price at any minute.

Why you should buy the Samsung 85-inch The Frame QLED TV

As one of the best TV brands, Samsung has truly changed up the TV world with the Samsung 85-inch The Frame QLED TV. Unlike other TVs, it’s designed solely to be placed on your wall. The idea is that it has an art mode when the TV is off so that it becomes a display of your art collection, whether that’s through your own photos or by choosing from the Art Store with more than 1,400 works of art to choose from. A built-in motion sensor means it only displays such artwork if the TV knows someone is in the room. It looks gorgeous and blends into your surroundings so much better than the other best TVs.

It’s also a fantastic TV in its own right thanks to its use of QLED technology. It has 100% Color Volume so you get a gorgeous picture every time. There’s also Quantum HDR technology which provides an expanded range of color and contrast so you gain deeper blacks and brighter whites and other colors. Samsung makes many of the best QLED TVs and that’s easily reflected here, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game.

It also has other nice extras like Anti Reflection technology and a Matte Display Film premium matte finish so that you don’t have to worry about glare or light distraction. Adding to the great aesthetic, you can swap out the bezels to suit your living room style better too. If you hate to have a TV that steals all the focus at home, you’ll appreciate how well the Samsung 85-inch The Frame QLED TV blends in.

Normally priced at $4,297, the Samsung 85-inch The Frame QLED TV is down to $2,749 for a limited time only at Walmart. Buying it now means you save $1,548 off the usual price so this is a deal you really don’t want to miss. Check it out now by tapping the buy button below.

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