Samsung finally adds Amazon Instant app for all of its 2012 Smart TV owners

samsung amazon instant amazoninstant

If someone were to tell you the fridge is stocked, you’d expect certain things to be inside — say, milk for example. No milk? Well then the fridge isn’t stocked, is it? Likewise, when you tell consumers you’re offering a smart device there are certain apps they expect to be in the fridge. Increasingly, one of those apps is Amazon Instant.

Maybe it’s a bit unfair to harp on one app, or, in a fridge full of goodies, to lament the lack of milk, but when something’s a staple, it’s absence is nearly always conspicuous. That’s why today’s news was so heartening. It seems Samsung has worked out a deal and Amazon Instant is  immediately available on all of Samsung’s 2012 Smart TVs. And, as a matter of fact, we just confirmed this as we updated our Samsung UN46ES6500 this morning to see that the Amazon Instant app now sits directly to the left of Hulu Plus at the top of the Smart Hub home screen.

Samsung says the new app “has a completely redesigned user interface that is optimized for a living room experience. It also supports advance streaming technologies, and features including Your Watchlist, closed captions, and tailored content recommendations.” We checked it our for ourselves, and we like what we’re seeing. We’ll dig a little deeper into the app in our review of the aforementioned model and let you know how we like it, but current 2012 Samsung Smart TV owners can go check it out for themselves right now. 

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