Samsung considering a switch to Android-based HDTVs

samsung considering a switch to android based hdtvs logo1Samsung, the world leader in HDTVs sold, is looking to stay on top. With the television market evolving faster than consumers can keep up, and once hot fads being replaced by things that were not even considered a few years back (streaming Netflix to a TV, for example), choosing the proper path will have consequences for years to come. If a report from Bloomberg turns out to be true, Samsung might be banking on Android as the best chance for the electronics giant to remain on top — at least for now.

A new version of Apple TV is coming, Sony has been working with Google to integrate Google TV into its upcoming sets, and others have followed suit. It now looks like Samsung will be stepping up its Internet-ready TV presence, and could soon be shipping all of its TVs with Android built in. Currently, about 50 percent of Samsung’s 3D TVs do offer Web browsing features, but they run on Samsung’s proprietary Bada operating system. Samsung smartphones, however, do use Android.

The company is currently considering a switch to all Android, but a Bada-based operating system that will connect TVs and phones is said to be in development. If a decision to switch to Android is reached, it is unclear whether Bada development will be discontinued, or just dramatically changed. It will mean scrapping several years worth of work, but it could help Samsung retain the top sales spot.

Some analysts suggest that Web-connectable TV sales will increase roughly six times from where they were in 2009, and by 2013, 87.6 million sets are expected to have been sold.

If Samsung intends to take on Apple TV and Google’s upcoming Google TV, plus compete with Sony and other TV manufacturers such as LG, Sharp and Panasonic, a switch to Android could give the company the edge it needs to stay on top.