Samsung continues to bolster its Smart TVs, adopts Yahoo’s Connected TV

yahoo connected tvs to start watching the watchers

Yesterday, Samsung and Yahoo officially inked a multi-year deal to bring Yahoo’s interactive Connected TV to the manufacturer’s 2012 lineup. While there’s no word on how long the two outfits have agreed to sit in the proverbial tree together, we’re expecting this Smart-Connected TV hybrid to be jam packed with widgets and apps. You know, given how Samsung recently added Amazon Instant app to its Smart TV products.

A modern day pop-up video of sorts, Connected TV provides television program info, games, fun facts, and some brain-busting trivia questions – all in real-time – running astride whatever show you’re watching. The service accomplishes this through a series of on-screen prompts, which can you can ignore or interact with at your leisure.

Of course, the added technology is not just consumer-focused; the Connected TV service also offers a new way to for marketers to advertise. Interactive ads with pop-up offers adds the potential for merchants to include “call-to-action” buttons that link the viewer to coupons, product reviews, and other promotional links.

All the aforementioned features of Connected TV are possible via Yahoo’s proprietary SoundPrint tech (a play on fingerprint if you missed the uptake). The technology identifies content in real-time – even when played back from a DVR – using its audio signature, and syncs its interactive offerings accordingly.

Seeing interactive TV offerings gain more of a foothold is only natural, and is the logical next step for the small screen. What we’re more excited about is how Samsung is truly pushing itself to be the pioneer of its own arena. We’d love to see a big, competitive scrum where manufacturers push each other to advance so we get more creativity from upcoming products. This stage is not quite there yet, but it’s clear Sammy is starting to throw down the gauntlet.