Samsung Debuts SyncMaster 173mw LCD Monitor

From the press release:

The SyncMaster 173mw is an all-in-one HDTV-ready LCD that is a sleek computer monitor, a full-featured stand-alone TV, and a video display device (offering composite video, s-video and component video) for direct hook up to a DVD player, VCR, camcorder, security camera or any video source. The 173mw provides a sharp 16:10 wide format aspect ratio, making the display ideal for computing and entertainment applications. Giving users even greater control of on-screen images, the 173mw comes with dual analog and digital inputs and incorporates built-in speakers, allowing for the ultimate multimedia experience.

“As a leader in convergence products, Samsung was the first to merge the television and computing experience into one display. The new SyncMaster 173MW now brings all the excitement of the widescreen format to our TFT-TV line,” notes Monica Islas, Product Marketing Manager for Monitors, for Samsung’s Information Technology Division (ITD). “Combined with its vast connectivity options and widescreen format, the 173mw dual input display is an excellent choice for the home as well as the corporate marketplace.”

Offered in an attractive sliver colored cabinet, the 173mw features a 1280 x 768 resolution, a 450cd/m2 brightness rate and a 500:1 contrast radio, giving users television-quality brightness and the superb image quality they have come to expect from Samsung.

The 173mw’s 16:10 wide format offers users many important advantages over a XGA 4:3 display — for both entertainment and work applications. The wide format lets users enjoy any widescreen (cinema) DVD movie in its original filmed format. The wide format allows users to reap the rewards of increased productivity by allowing two or more applications, depending on the screen size, to be open and visible simultaneously. This eliminates the frustration and time consumed having to move back and forth between different applications that may be open, such as a word document and a spreadsheet.

The 173mw is also ideal for desktop publishing applications because it lets users view two pages simultaneously. This display makes it easier for the user to create a document and check the overall appearance and layout to ensure it is correct. In addition, drawings such as CAD, landscape design and architecture are usually created in a widescreen format. The 173mw allows the completed drawing to be viewed without the need for scrolling.

The 173mw’s widescreen format also offers further productivity gains for many office applications, such as spreadsheets, allowing users to view more columns without scrolling. Other office application programs that include templates, style guides and palettes are often placed to the sides of the work area. With a conventional display this reduces the actual work area significantly, however, by using the 173mw the work area is maintained as the templates occupy the extra width of the wide screen.

The SyncMaster 173mw also features an integrated TV tuner, making this LCD one of the most versatile displays on the market today when it comes to connectivity. In addition to begin able plug a TV antenna or cable signal into the display, the SyncMaster 173mw is HDTV-Ready. As a worldwide technology leader, Samsung sees HDTV as a very important and rapidly growing segment of the display industry. For a home user, this display is a great secondary television to be used in a home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom or anywhere that a computer display and television are needed. By integrating these two devices into one sleek unit, the 173mw saves the user valuable space as well as their hard-earned cash, as opposed to buying two separate displays. With its picture-in-picture ability, a use can work on a computer application while watching TV at the same time!

In today’s complex business world, increased security is rapidly becoming a growing trend. By plugging in a video feed to the 173mw, users can view surveillance through the picture-in-picture function or even in a full screen mode. Samsung also sees the need to be in tune with breaking news or the latest trends of what is occurring in the financial world as a major trend for business users. Users can log to various Web sites and stream video, however, this traditionally uses a massive amount of a company’s network bandwidth and can slow down servers. The 173mw gives users the ability to connect directly into a cable feed or television antenna cutting down on bandwidth usage and increasing productivity.

The SyncMaster 173mw sports the company’s proprietary MagicBrightâ„¢ technology. MagicBright allows users to change the brightness of the display to adjust to various applications with the simple push of one button. The first mode of MagicBright is optimized for text computing. For other applications such as gaming, video streaming or even viewing DVD’s on your display through your computer, users should utilize the brightest image possible. With the click of a button users can toggle between the Text mode, the Internet mode or the Entertainment mode just as quickly as they can toggle between applications.

The latest display in Samsung’s MP family now includes both digital and analog interfaces. The natural state of a computer processor video card and an LCD monitor is digital. The video card converts the digital data signal to an analog signal then the analog signal travels through the video cable and interfaces to the LCD. The LCD converts the analog signal to a digital signal in order to display the image. Because of these various technical conversions that take place, the image may be subject to data loss and may not portray a clean, clear and crisp image. With a digital input LCD monitor, the signal does not face this complex conversion process and provides the cleanest, most crisp image possible.

Samsung backs all of its monitors with a three-year, parts and labor warranty as well as toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, Samsung offers a three-year Advanced Replacement Program, three-year Repair & Return or Exchange and three-year Shuttle Exchange for hassle-free repairs.

For more information about Samsung’s SyncMaster monitors or for the name of the dealer nearest you, contact Samsung toll-free at 1-800-SAMSUNG or via the Internet at

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