Samsung’s next earbuds could be the Galaxy BudsX

The world of true wireless earbuds is a revolving door, with a seemingly never-ending stream of products shuffling in. The Google Pixel Buds just came out, and now rumors are already surfacing about the next big thing.

That big thing could be the Samsung Galaxy BudsX, according to Netherlands-based site LetsGoDigital. The site caught trademark registrations abroad for a device with that name, opening the lanes for endless speculation about what Samsung could be working on next.

There isn’t much to the application, other than the fact that it was filed April 27, 2020, and the trademark description includes common terms like headphones, earbuds, and wearable headsets. So, that leaves us with the obvious question: What are the Galaxy BudsX going to be?

Well, seeing as Samsung literally just came out with new earbuds a few months ago in the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, it’s reasonable to believe the Galaxy BudsX could be a pro version of Samsung’s popular buds. Perhaps a pair with more premium sound, and hopefully active noise cancellation? One can dream.
At the same time, news about potential bean-shaped Samsung earbuds have also recently circulated.

These, referred to unofficially as the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, are rumored to include ANC for a price right around $140. As of right now, we don’t know whether the Galaxy BudsX and Galaxy Buds 2 are one and the same, or different prospective buds entirely.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any information about any new buds, as is pretty much standard procedure at this point. Could Samsung be releasing three different earbuds within the same calendar year? It seems unlikely, but it would be a bold move to try and gain a greater footing in the earbuds industry.

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