Samsung HT-C9950W pictures

When you buy a TV as distinctive and obscenely thin as Samsung’s LED 9000, ordinary speakers start took look a little out of place. Samsung caters to the design-conscious consumers with the HT-C9950W home theater system, which matches the stainless look of its TVs to a tee and brings it own futuristic design sensibilities to the table – or living room, as the case may be. Controls for the system have been mounted in a slab-like center piece, which can either be mounted on the wall below the TV or atop a podium-like stand. With the press of a power button, the flush black LCD screen telescopes out of the top like the lens on a camera, with a ring around it that serves as a massive volume dial. The cost for the excess to complement excess: $1,799.99. It will be available in October.