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Samsung is having a sale on every size of the S90C QD-OLED 4K TV

Samsung S95C OLED
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Sometimes a TV manufacturer needs to offload some stock. The easiest way to do that is knock a few hundred dollars off the whole line and start shipping them. When manufacturers like Samsung do this, we take notice. For instance, Samsung seems like it needs to get rid of the S90C OLED TV. Right now the 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch models are all on sale with discounts as steep as $700.

If you’re considering upgrading to an OLED TV this is a great opportunity. Samsung is one of the best OLED manufacturers out there, right next to LG, so this S90C will definitely live up to the hype (and the price tag). We’re not sure how long this sale will last, so you should check it out ASAP. Like we mentioned, this seems like a fire sale to get rid of stock, so these TVs are likely to sell out very soon.

  • Samsung 55-inch S90C OLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch S90C OLED TV —
  • Samsung 77-inch S90C OLED TV —

Why you should buy the Samsung S90C OLED TV

As you’d expect from one of the best TV brands, the Samsung S90C OLED TV is truly packed with features. It doesn’t just settle on being an OLED TV and leaving it at that. Sure, you get beautifully pure blacks and bright whites, along with vibrant colors, but it does so much more. It’s assisted by its Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling so whatever you watch is better than ever. Alongside that is Quantum HDR which uses AI deep learning to analyze each scene, detecting areas that need to be brighter, as well as darker, and ensuring both work just as well in conjunction.

The TV is also Pantone Validated so you get dramatic hues and vivid color palettes that are accurate and better than elsewhere. For gamers or action movie fans, there’s also Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro with its ability to handle fast-moving action at up to 120Hz refresh rate with Game Motion Plus going up to 144Hz for compatible PC-connected content. It’s those kinds of things that ensure visually, this is one of the best TVs around.

You also get great sound courtesy of Dolby Atmos support and Object Tracking Sound Lite with the latter making it feel more like you’re in the thick of the action. With a compatible Q-Series or S-Series soundbar, you can also pair up the speakers with the soundbar to operate as one.

A seriously great TV, the Samsung S90C OLED TV is the one you want in your living room. Usually, it costs from $1,900 for the 55-inch model. Right now, you can buy the 55-inch variety for $1,300, saving $600, or you can opt for the 65-inch model for $2,600 or the 77-inch variety for $3,800. Whatever you go for, you’re going to love how great movies look on this TV.

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